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A team of specialist employees guarantee the smooth and competent prefabrication of sprinkler piping.

Work preparation


Your plan, our challenge!

Based on your assembly drawings, we can take charge of all work preparation. We can deliver a full package of prefab including groove materials and mounting materials. You will thus have a complete construction package on the site. Encrypted drawings and material lists can be provided in advance so that you can already inform the fitters about the delivery that is under way

Work site

Our substantial work site is equipped with the most modern of machine parks for the prefabrication of sprinkler installations.
We have:

  • Welding machine configurations suitable for the serial welding of groove and wire sockets on 1” to 10” tubes
  • Automatic sawing and groove machine suitable for large series
  • Automatic sawing and threading machine for large series fittings
  • Manual welding department for the production of distributors, pump rooms, collectors and support work
  • Drill block for the placement of mechanical T’s and tapping saddles
  • Tapping machines for the purification of wires after zinc-plating

Surface treatment

Depending on your wishes and needs, we can deliver piping in various finishes. The following finishes are possible:

  • Red lead welding primer (red lead, grey lead)
  • Powder coating (all possible RAL colours)
  • Fully immersion galvanised


To provide a full package, the prefab piping is complemented by sprinkler materials from our substantial stock:

  • All diameters of steel tubes according to the correct standardisation
  • Groove materials from a range of quality suppliers
  • Threaded fittings
  • Fixing material with specific approvals for sprinkler/heating applications
  • Welding attachments
  • Flexible hoses for the fitting out of sprinklers in ceilings, with or without FM approval

Due to our high purchase volumes, we receive very favourable conditions from our suppliers, from which you too stand to benefit if you order your full package from us.