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Vanstraelen Sprinkler + Piping nv,
your reliable partner for over 30 years.

Jozef Vanstraelen

Jozef Vanstraelen, who has been a central heating and sanitation installer since the 1970s, began working on sprinkler piping assembly in 1980. He quickly made a name for himself in the sprinkler sector. The construction of a production hall in Kortessem offered new perspectives in 1987: From that time on, the sprinkler piping was prefabricated in the workplace, which meant that on-site assembly could take place quicker. In 1993 there followed an extension of the site, along with the purchase of a first welding machine.

From 2003

The business activity was taken over in 2003 by Vanstraelen Sprinkler + Piping. With the arrival of Marc Voets, the company obtained a more professional management structure and organisation. In 2004 Vanstraelen Sprinkler + Piping received VCA** certification. The assembly team machine park was modernised. Production capacity was increased in 2005 through the purchase of a fully automatic welding installation.


Today we work with around 50 employers on the continuity of the company. Through new investments, a good purchasing policy and in-depth training we always strive to increase our productivity and efficiency and we serve an ever-increasing number of customers at home and abroad.